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40+ years of history in  the Beach


The original Mr Norm

Since 1980, Mr. Norm's Nephew has been a cherished part of Wasaga Beach.


What began as a way for Mr. Norm and his wife to enjoy their retirement while embracing the warm summer months has blossomed into a cherished destination for ice cream enthusiasts.

In 1988, the torch was passed to Mr. Norm's nephew, Dan, who took over the reins of this beloved frozen yogurt and ice cream shop. For over three decades, Dan and the dedicated Mr. Norm's staff have delighted the taste buds of locals and visitors alike with their imaginative ice cream and yogurt combinations.


In 2020, a new chapter began as Paul and Karen Vaccari stepped into the role of proud owners. With a deep appreciation for the rich history of Mr. Norm's Nephew, Paul, Karen, and their passionate team are committed to preserving the essence of this Wasaga Beach institution.


Together, they continue the tradition of serving up delectable sweet treats that will make your taste buds dance with joy.


Karen & Paul, Owners

Mr. Norm's in the News

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